New HP Fic by [ profile] cybele_san - Excuse me while I *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Feb. 27th, 2014 11:20 pm
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Okay, folks, may I draw your attention to this:

Cybele has written and posted a new HP fic!!!!!

It's a sequel to her Snarry fic "Tenacity of Purpose" and it's fantabulous!!!

We follow Harry to Egypt and, hand in hand with our hero, encounter a new world and a new life.

This story of [ profile] cybele_san's is firmly set in the world of the Harry Potter novels but it comes along with a very intense world building of its own as well as with quite a lot of insanely well written original characters. (Let me just say that there are at least three of them I fell in love with, one even almost as hard as I did with Snape back then...)

Honestly, it's [ profile] cybele_san at her very best! Superb story-telling, fantastic world building and insanely good character development. Not to mention searingly hot and intense sex scenes. *smirks*

And even though Snarry isn't the main focus of "What Doesn't Kill You", it's the underlying theme. And you know what? I didn't miss it ONE SECOND, because the story is just SO FUCKING GOOD!!!

Hey, it's [ profile] cybele_san - what else did you expect?!?!?!?

(A little PS: I had the great privilege to test-read that outstanding piece of writing for Cybele - it was a true pleasure!)

Okay, folks.

NOW. GO. READ. (Link to AO3)


Oh, and it's a 100k+ story, so you better grab some cookies and some good red wine and settle back back and just enjoy...
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