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Between The Salt Water And The Sea Strand

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Birthdate:Sep 7
I prefer (generally - exceptions of course only confirm the rule)

salty and spicy things to sweet things
skirts to trousers
Ovid to Vergil
Goethe to Schiller
being indoors to being outdoors
Agatha Christie to Edgar Wallace
the sea to the mountains
high heels to sneakers
cold drinks to hot drinks
cooking to baking
The Beatles to The Rolling Stones
the Odyssee to the Iliad
expressionism to impressionism
cities to the countryside
fish to meat
cleaning the bathroom to taking the garbage out
poetry to philosophy
sleeping in late to getting up early
Guinness to Kilkenny
white bread to dark bread
any herb to parsley
Simon to Garfunkel
any insect to wasps
any 'doctor' to dentists
novels to short stories
organised chaos to chaotic organisation
being polite to being rude
classical ballet to modern dance
using a fountain pen to using a ball pen
pubs to discos
wind to rain
sitting to standing
walking to running
solving riddles to playing cards

I like literature, art, music, movies, latin, theatre, learning, teaching, fashion, make-up, history, food (cooking and eating), wine, autumn, my family and friends, travelling and many, many other things. I don't care for sports much nor for hard alcoholic drinks (though I do like to have a glass of whisk(e)y once a year or so). I don't have any real 'hobbies' but I spend some of my time writing and I would love to play an instrument.

I have some bad habits, but who doesn't?

Well, that's about it, I guess.

Any further questions...?

Oh, maybe age... I'm 36

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